EEE is governed by a volunteer working board of directors, including officers and  committee chairpersons.  Chairpersons of committees are assisted by other volunteers.

NOAA_Lecturer_150Program Committee
The program committee is the life-blood of EEE. Months before the semester begins, members meet to identify themes and potential speakers for the series. Members then work individually to contact and schedule speakers, gather biographical information about each speaker, establish the title of each talk, and identify audio-visual needs. Throughout the semester members maintain contact with each scheduled speaker, confirming arrangements leading up to the talk, and finally greeting and introducing the speaker on the lecture date.

Membership_150_4253AMembership Committee
The membership committee basically serves as the liaison between the public and the organization. In addition to receiving membership registrations, volunteers are always present at lectures to greet people, sign in both members and visitors, and collect visitor admission fees. From this process a data base is drawn up and then used for creating mailing lists and providing contact information, for our own use only. There are many ways the committee would like to serve our attendees, and more helping hands could help us achieve that goal.

Newspaper_150_4316Publicity Committee
The publicity committee is responsible for keeping the meetings of the organization in the public eye. The committee maintains a listing of regional publications and broadcasters and notifies them about our meetings. The committee also publishes and mails brochures advertising the fall and spring semester lecture series. These brochures describe the subjects and speakers along with the location and dates of their presentations. Volunteers are always welcome.

IMG_4213_188Technical Services Committee
Technical services gives the speakers the ability to project the contents of their computer screens onto a 10 foot by 10 foot screen at the front of the room. Additionally, we provide the audio necessary for their presentations, including microphones for the presenters. Volunteers pass additional microphones among the audience participating in the question – answer period at the end of the presentation.

CoffePot_150x172_4238Special Events Committee
The special events committee prepares coffee, tea water, and set up for coffee time at the first lecture of each month and refreshments for the annual meeting The committee also sets up for the winter luncheon, helps serve as needed, and cleans up afterward. The committee also arranges for a day field trip in the fall and spring. Winter luncheon volunteers are needed to set tables, set up buffet tables, and serve desserts. Another group of volunteers, preferably those with know-how to run the dishwasher, is needed to clean up after the luncheon.

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